“2012 Short Program 1” ~ Dumped food picking in Brooklyn ~ Egyptian-Japanese’s experimental ~ Roma Children ~ OWS ~ Wonder images ~


8/11 (sat) 16:00 ~ Sangyo-Shinko Bldg 3F, 8/12 (mon) 21:00 ~ Uno Port Pier#2 Trailer Theater Spoils Dir. Alex Mallis, USA, 2012, 21min. documentary http://player.vimeo.com/video/38953291 Spoils: Extraordinary Harvest (trailer) from Alex Mallis on Vimeo. Synopsis one-line: Intimate portraits of 3 New Yorkers on a journey through the culture of dumpster diving, a practice as old as [Read more...]

“GFP Bunny” Yutaka Tsuchiya’s new film: special sneak preview!


Dir. Yutaka Tsuchiya, Cast: Yuka Kuramochi, Makiko Watanabe, Kanji Furutachi, Takahashi. Japan/2012/HD/82min. One time only special sneak preview! 8/12 (sun), 23:00~ Uno Port Out door Trailer Theater 【Director’s Statement】 “System vs. Man”, “Program vs. Life” – I made this film to open dialogue on these new perspectives. The 3 central themes of the film are “Surveillance in a [Read more...]

“2012 Short Program 2” ~ Dance with dolphins ~ Transgender artist~ Samoa’s Chief ~ Super-8 experimental shorts~


8/12 (sun), 13:00 Sangyo-Shinko Bldg 3F, 8/13 (mon), 22:00, Uno Port Pier#2 Trailer Theater Together: Dancing With Spinner Dolphins Direction/Choreography: Chisa Hidaka, USA, 3’33”, 2010, dance film SYNOPSIS In the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, a woman and wild Spinner Dolphin forge a tender relationship through the language of dance. DOLPHIN DANCE PROJECT Dolphin [Read more...]

“Skateistan – Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul” JAPAN PREMIERE!


8/11 (sat), 22:00 ~ Uno Port Pier#2 Trailer Theater, 8/13 (mon), 13:00 ~ Sangyo-Shinko Bldg 3F Dir: Kai Sehr, Producer: Rene Kock, Writer/Editor: Nadia Soraya Hennrich, Afghanistan/USA/Germany, 2011,  95min, documentary, (from NAF Selects)* Synopsis In 2007, OLIVER PERCOVICH and SHARNA NOLAN arrive in Kabul with little more than a couple of skateboards. In a country where [Read more...]

“Owl an the Sparrow” – from New American Filmmakers Program at Hawaii International Film Festival


8/11 (sat) 13:00 ~ Sangyo-shinko building 3F 8/14 (tue) 20:00 ~ Uno Port Pier#2 Trailer Theater   Dir: Stephane Gauger, Vietnam/USA, 2007 97min. Drama. There is a kind of happiness that money or fame can’t buy. It is simple to reach it, but as people grow, it gets harder. Thui, the main character, is a bright orphan in Veitnam. She meets a lonely man and woman while selling [Read more...]

“Au Revoir Taipei” Executive Producer: Wim Wenders, Dir: Arvin Chen


8/13 (mon) 20:00 ~ Uno Port Pier#2 Trailer Theater 8/14 (tue) 13:00 ~ Sangyo-Shinko Bldg 3F. Executive Producer: Wim Wenders, Dir: Arvin Chen, Featuring: Jack Yao, Amber Kuo, Taiwan/USA/Germany, 2010, 85min. Fiction The first feature film by American-raised Taiwanese filmmaker Arvin Chen. Kai, a lovesick young man, wants to leave Taipei in hopes of getting to Paris to be with his [Read more...]

“Brasslands” fine-cut version sneak preview!


Dir: The Meerkat Media Collective, New York, 2012, fine cut version sneak preview! 8/12 (sun), 16:00 ~ Sangyo-Shinko Bldg 3F, 8/14 (mon), 22:00 ~ Uno Port Pier#2 Trailer Theater Tagline: An eccentric NYC band, a tiny Balkan village, and half a million fans transcend borders at the world’s largest trumpet festival. Synopsis: Once a year, a tiny Serbian village explodes with [Read more...]

“The Colour of Paradise” – Live performance in Japanese voice-over


Dir. Majid Majidi, featuring: Hossein Mahjoub, Iran, 1999, 90min., Drama 8/11 (sat), 20:00, Uno Port Pier#2 Trailer Theater One time only! Mohammad, an 8-year-old blind boy with a gentle heart, communicates with nature through touch and hearing.  When his boarding school for blind children in Tehran closes for summer, he comes home happily to his loving grandmother and beautiful sisters who [Read more...]

2012 New American Filmmaker (NAF) Series from HIFF powered by Vilcek Foundation


This year, at the third year anniversary of UPAF, we are excited to show you four great films from "New American Filmmakers Series," one of Hawaii International Film Festival's original programs funded by Vilcek Foundation of New York. The program celebrates and encourages foreign-born filmmakers and their films. (for more info, go to:  http://newamericanfilmmakers.org/about/ ) The GateKeeper [Read more...]