Uno Port Art Films, commonly called UPAF (“oo-puff”), is a summer screening series and mini alternative film festival that appears almost every year at the Uno Port, in Tamano-City, Okayama, Japan. We screen cutting-edge independent films and must-see classics from around the world that are rarely available in Japan. Our evening screening is at a pier under the starry sky, with the calm Seto Inland Sea as the backdrop.

Uno Port is where the ferries to various Setouchi contemporary art islands depart (only 20min ride to Naoshima, also convenient to visit Shodoshima, and Inujima). It is a small town but a crossing point for diverse people from across the globe. Our hope is to create an artful and stimulating space without borders, reflecting the feeling of this port town, where people from all walks of life can get together and connect through great films. It is a Japanese-English bilingual event, so please bring your colorful friends!





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